Bringing Imagination to Life with Pancakes and @kevin_blankenship

For more of Kevin’s fantastical pancake art, follow @kevin_blankenship on Instagram.

For Oklahoma writer, producer and cartoonist Kevin Blankenship (@kevin_blankenship), keeping his creativity alive as a working dad came in an unlikely form: pancakes.

Forgoing an inkwell for a bowl of pancake batter, Kevin brings cartoon creations to life on his griddle. As he explains, “Becoming a parent really slows your creative juices if you’re not careful. A full-time job can sap the rest. Although I don’t get to draw as much as I used to, I found a way to incorporate it into Sunday breakfast every week. The results have gotten out of control and taken a life of its own.”

"I have two eager boys who like making pancake requests," he says, "so my feed is peppered with odd, but fun submissions. The three-year-old’s requests are the toughest. If it’s not a tree monster with skeletons hanging from it, it’s a velociraptor with boxing gloves or a monster with a chicken head and octopus arms, bunny ears and big feet. I love the creativity—and he’s a tough critic. Syrup won’t solve any of my mistakes."

Want to try your hand at pancake cartooning like Kevin? He shares some pointers below.

"I use Bisquick in every recipe, milk, one egg, three tablespoons of organic sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla," Kevin explains. "I thin the batter and use condiment bottles for control."

Most importantly, however, Kevin advises, “Let the kids participate. It’s fun that way. Enjoy the mistakes (with syrup) and start simple. I started with Mickey Mouse—It’s just three circles. You don’t have to have an artistic background to do it, just have fun.”

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